My career

I grew up as only child of a single mum. My mum taught me that nothing is handed to you in life; you have to work hard for it and earn it. I am very grateful to her for these words because this attitude helped me to become a very appreciative person.


I have been very sporty since my early childhood. I started to play soccer when I attended the kindergarten, and picked up tennis shortly after. In the winter, I like to ski and snowboard.


I started to play golf when I was 14 years old, and competed in my first tournament when I was 15. I decided to quit soccer and tennis, to place my focus on golf. Within two years I improved a lot, and was picked to join the national golf team.


In August 2012 I started to study sports management and business at the Louisiana State University (LSU). My golf scholarship made it possible for me to  compete for the "Tigers" and play against other division I colleges on some great golf courses. I will always look back to this great time, many new friendships, and awesome life-time experiences. 


In May 2016 I finished my bachelor’s degree in sport management with a minor in business with summa cum laude, and moved back to Austria. Ever since, I placed my focus on my professional career to achieve my goals step by step.